Casa Labia Summer Exhibition

If art is your thing, come on down to Casa Labia's Summer Exhibition! ABOUT CASA LABIA'S GALLERY Built in 1929 to reflect the spirit of 18th century Venice, Casa Labia is the former … [Read More...]


Muizenberg, the Place To Be

If it's paradise you're looking for, you've found it! On the north-western end of False Bay, about 25 km from the legislative capital. Connected by road and rail to metropolitan Cape Town. Linked to … [Read More...]

Muizenberg Village

The Village

Communitree! is the idea of community members coming together and sharing their skills, talents and creativity for a common purpose. It is an evolving concept, valuing transparency, respect of … [Read More...]


Zandvlei & Marina Da Gama

Zandvlei The 200ha Greater Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve is a wetland, river system and estuary near Muizenberg on the False Bay coast. The reserve, which was formally proclaimed in 2006, … [Read More...]

Outdoor Adventure


Kalk Bay, St James

  Situated three kilometres from Muizenberg is trendy Kalk Bay, with its fishing harbour, unique village atmosphere, craft shops and its historical cottages that line the cobbled, narrow … [Read More...]


Mosaic Muizenberg

Sometimes quaint, sometimes grand, sometimes grubby, Muizenberg has never quite looked like the home of artists and other creative beings. That is about to change. When next you walk the streets, keep … [Read More...]


THE BERG – Same as it ever was!

By Andy Davis Photos, Alan van Gysen ZIGZAG Let’s rewind way back, all the way to 1742, when the Dutch East India Company built a tollhouse to tax Cape Town’s farmers heading to Simon’s Town to … [Read More...]